public intervention in syntagma square 3

public intervention in syntagma square

Four people get in cheap plastic bags, typically used by immigrants, and start moving with and within them. The “live” bag remain alive till its inhabitant feels suffocated and starts looking for a way out. Slowly the zippers open and the bags “give birth” to human beings.
When home is nothing more than your own body or the less possible space this body can occupy, any place on earth giving you access to this minimum human right, is welcomed. When from subject, man of the world or citizen of a country you are depersonalised and objectified; when the only way to survive is to constantly disappear, then it seems as Hannah Arendt writes: that the man who is nothing more than a man loses at once those qualities that make it possible for other people to behave him as a fellow human being.

Photos by Εva Vaslamatzi
Duration: as much as possible before being suffocated…
Athens, April 2014