improving darwin 9

improving darwin

Three bodies are exposed. The first is standing while the audience is investing it with post-its. The second is constantly washed and the third is naked waiting for someone to properly dress it up. Two “social workers” are ready for work.
In the first case the body exposes the primitive act; the sexual, instinctive and survival urges and desires of the human being, being supressed by the social formation of the body.
In the second case these desires and thoughts are “washed out” in order to allow for a new purified body to be born.
In the third case the reclaimed body is finally invested with the “right clothes” and “expectations” brought by the social workers.
Improving Darwin is a performance based on Lacan ’s idea of the ego, the conscious self, formed within a pre-existing symbolic order. This symbolic order is identified by Lacan as a synchronic system of signs and social codes that locates us, forms us, “subjects” us, thereby enabling us to become an acting subject. By creating three different stages of actions, the artists tried to visualize this process of the ego formation and its final transformation.

Photos by Hannes Paldrock
Duration: approx. 30 minutes.
Diverse Universe Performance Festival 2015
Tartu Art Hall, Estonia, April 2015