bodies that don’t resist 13

cleaning the house, also

Four people, four colors. In a neutral white space, each color represented by a different person, is trying to mark its own territory. Small drops at the beginning are soon replaced by large quantities of color conquering the canvas while dynamic gestures replace the first subtle ones. The feeling of coexistence is continually decreasing under the weight of the ego trying to gain power and control over the others.
Human antagonism comes together with creativity and will to explore and exploit every spare inch, every minute and every live organism in order to exist and extend oneself in the universe. This is called survival but in a post-techno, post-capitalist world it’s also called personal expansion and fruition. In an empty canvas The Girls are experimenting with their own pure form of existence in the same way a color is claiming for time and space in the painter’ s canvas, freeing their expression from any consent with the so called “social behavior”. The title is a clear reference on Marina Abramovic’s work who is transforming dirt into an act of katharsis. In a reversed way The Girls are transforming purity into an act of violation.

Photos: Hannes Paldrock
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Diverse Universe Performance Festival 2015
Gallery of Diverse Universe in Tallinn, Estonia, April 2015

(the performance was first presented in Frown Tails, Athens, April 2014)