bodies that don’t resist 17

bodies that don’ t resist

Five human bodies are rapped within a car. The black plastic covering the surface is not allowing them to breath normally while piles of Industrial garbage are filling any left empty space around them. When the lack of oxygen becomes unbearable, this huge “garbage bag” starts to sake, breath heavily and scream. The black plastic is slowly ripped of and body parts are exposed till each body escapes and runs to nowhere. They will soon come back as magnetized from this black “womb” that just gave them birth. These “post-modern aboriginals” will furiously unpack the car, hold and love their garbage, collect and compress them into a massive ball and leave the space dragging the ball with their beloved possessions behind.
Against the so called “intelligence of the body”, The Girls introduce the concept of bodies ready to consent with every possible idea and rest there while being uncomfortably exposed to the most awkward postures, smells, materials. In that sense, the body enjoys this process of reformation abandoning any will for change while being hypnotized by their own waste.

Photos by Kwstas Kalles
Duration: approx. 1 hour
Athens School of Fine Arts, June 2015